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List of applicants selected to conduct a written interview on 18 June 2022. The interview will begin at 9:00 am and the candidates should come with their academic Certificates and identification cards.



1.            Sales Post Dar es Salaam – Mnazimmoja Primary School (Lumumba Road)

2.            Underwriter Post Mwanza – Pamba Secondary School (Pamba road)

3.            Underwriter Post Arusha: Levolosi Primary School (Near Selian Hospital)

4.            Underwriter Post Pemba- Zanzibar Insurance Office Chake Chake (ZRB Building Chake Chake Pemba)

5.            Re-insurance, Claim, Underwriter and Product Innovation Post Unguja – Head Office Maisara/ Mpirani

SALES OFFICER – Dar es salaam

1Masoud Musa MbeyuSales OfficerDar es salaam
2Azizi Mohd AliSales OfficerDar es salaam
3Omar Haji SudiSales OfficerDar es salaam
4Rogasian O. Kasao,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
5Khadija Hussein AlmasiSales OfficerDar es salaam
6Richard Prosper Kitula,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
7Issa G AhmedSales OfficerDar es salaam
8Abraham D. TagoraSales OfficerDar es salaam
9Ismaily M. Athumani,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
10Othman Khamis Zubeir,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
11Thaurat Idrisa ShaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
12Abdurahman Khatib ShomarySales OfficerDar es salaam
13Moza Khamisi MohamediSales OfficerDar es salaam
14Carlos Paulinas MagereSales OfficerDar es salaam
15Abdalla Ally AbdallaSales OfficerDar es salaam
16Bakar Ali BakarSales OfficerDar es salaam
17Beevance Charles KyandoSales OfficerDar es salaam
18Jonas Ludovick MinjaSales OfficerDar es salaam
19Neema J, TeembaSales OfficerDar es salaam
20Calvin Rafail MlyaSales OfficerDar es salaam
21Emmanuel MosesSales OfficerDar es salaam
22Mwanaisha Hassan MatewaSales OfficerDar es salaam
23Edward Hillary MarundaSales OfficerDar es salaam
24Irene. V.BuberwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
25Sayun ElisamiaSales OfficerDar es salaam
26Abdukarim Yussuf AyoubSales OfficerDar es salaam
27Mohamed Ramadhani MogwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
28Judith MaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
29Isaya Raphel VaimbaSales OfficerDar es salaam
30Issa A. MwankemwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
31Conjesta M. KayomboSales OfficerDar es salaam
32Manganje AthumanSales OfficerDar es salaam
33Akhalam Abdulla MohamedSales OfficerDar es salaam
34Pesa Seleman SalumSales OfficerDar es salaam
35Ismail S. MwitaSales OfficerDar es salaam
36Feisal Mohamed MazruiSales OfficerDar es salaam
37Lulu Abdallah SalumSales OfficerDar es salaam
38MathiaspeterwariobSales OfficerDar es salaam
39Justine Frank Ndapo,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
40Adam IssaSales OfficerDar es salaam
41Salum Mwalim SuleimanSales OfficerDar es salaam
42Justine Frank Ndapo,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
43Nfat Saleh HaroubSales OfficerDar es salaam
44Sabiha Hamad SharifSales OfficerDar es salaam
45Erick Felician BarongoSales OfficerDar es salaam
46Sabra Mohammed AllySales OfficerDar es salaam
47Fak Bakar FakiSales OfficerDar es salaam
48Mariam Mohamed SalimSales OfficerDar es salaam
49Hassan Athumani KussewaSales OfficerDar es salaam
50Khadija Ibrahim MkunaSales OfficerDar es salaam
51Said Mubaraka AthumaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
52Jackline Mathew MushiSales OfficerDar es salaam
53Charles Mbogo RichardSales OfficerDar es salaam
54Ramadhan Suleiman DaudSales OfficerDar es salaam
55Zulfa Hamdan OmarSales OfficerDar es salaam
56Halima Ali OthmanSales OfficerDar es salaam
57Lulu Gadmel KimaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
58Thomas Antony MugenyiSales OfficerDar es salaam
59Ibrahimu Mdimilage HassaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
60Ibrahim Joseph Maganga Sales OfficerDar es salaam
61Salome Aloyce ZilandaliSales OfficerDar es salaam
62Anthony Mwombeki WilliamSales OfficerDar es salaam
63Sabina Peter SaokeSales OfficerDar es salaam
64Talib Ahmed AliSales OfficerDar es salaam
65Michael P DihindilaSales OfficerDar es salaam
66Mariam A Kijangwa,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
67Michael KalinjunaSales OfficerDar es salaam
68Dorice William Pallangyo,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
69Eddah Saul AswileSales OfficerDar es salaam
70Zein Ally Khalfan,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
71Amriya   Rashid AbdullaSales OfficerDar es salaam
72Salum Kamal KomboSales OfficerDar es salaam
73Daniel VitalisSales OfficerDar es salaam
74Dorice William PallangyoSales OfficerDar es salaam
75Gideon S. Kisamo.Sales OfficerDar es salaam
76Mansour Abubakar BatengaSales OfficerDar es salaam
77Anneth B Lyatuu Sales OfficerDar es salaam
78  Damasi Agustino  NjauSales OfficerDar es salaam
79Harould StambuliSales OfficerDar es salaam
80Ally J. AllySales OfficerDar es salaam
81Yusuph NassoroSales OfficerDar es salaam
82Rehema LupilyaSales OfficerDar es salaam
83Mohamed Ally KiuguSales OfficerDar es salaam
84Said Salum H.Sales OfficerDar es salaam
85Aron R. MasekeSales OfficerDar es salaam
86Paschal Mleba KaponyaSales OfficerDar es salaam
87Lufuvacho SariahSales OfficerDar es salaam
88Fatma SalehSales OfficerDar es salaam
89Salma John Kissima,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
90Vitalic MallacSales OfficerDar es salaam
91Nyandolwa James MfaumeSales OfficerDar es salaam
92Juma Mussa MalyungaSales OfficerDar es salaam
93Alnuru Issa AbjadiSales OfficerDar es salaam
94Eunice MSales OfficerDar es salaam
95SifunipchengulaSales OfficerDar es salaam
96Emmanuel KipulaSales OfficerDar es salaam
97Evance KileoSales OfficerDar es salaam
98Jonathan Alex EnockSales OfficerDar es salaam
99Moh’d Juma KassimSales OfficerDar es salaam
100Huzaima Juma SaadSales OfficerDar es salaam
101Frank TomasSales OfficerDar es salaam
102Juma Saleh VorogweSales OfficerDar es salaam
103Satto J. Mahube,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
104Said Ali SultanSales OfficerDar es salaam
105AhmajoelwilliamSales OfficerDar es salaam
106Godbless Moshi,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
107Jaquline Laurent ChipataSales OfficerDar es salaam
108Josephat MsalabaSales OfficerDar es salaam
109Yohana NkotaSales OfficerDar es salaam
110Saleh MohamedSales OfficerDar es salaam
111Elfadhili MkwamaSales OfficerDar es salaam
112Moses NsuhaSales OfficerDar es salaam
113Erick Charles NyahongoSales OfficerDar es salaam
114Emmanuel Simoni AmoniSales OfficerDar es salaam
115Amina Omary MbajiSales OfficerDar es salaam
116AlihassanhamadSales OfficerDar es salaam
117Othman MusaSales OfficerDar es salaam
118Anord Franco MdemuSales OfficerDar es salaam
119Ashery DamianiSales OfficerDar es salaam
120Suleman Katoto SamwelSales OfficerDar es salaam
121Winner Ronald Sway,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
122Jacqueline Rogers Mwendo,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
123Haruni Haridi MsangiSales OfficerDar es salaam
124Christina N. Gamba,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
125Kelvin Kolnery MadihaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
126Recho NdihoreyeSales OfficerDar es salaam
127Evance J. MushiSales OfficerDar es salaam
128Namnyakil.MollelSales OfficerDar es salaam
129Whitness ChamiSales OfficerDar es salaam
130Christophert.NgonyaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
131Abdul Ayubu MsangiSales OfficerDar es salaam
132Irene Emanuel KimaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
133Mussa Imran MussaSales OfficerDar es salaam
134Tumaini KatambalaSales OfficerDar es salaam
135Isaya Raymond ChuwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
136Liberius SilasSales OfficerDar es salaam
137Martina GeorgeSales OfficerDar es salaam
138Sifuni ManyamaSales OfficerDar es salaam
139Suleiman Y Juma,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
140Amina SaidSales OfficerDar es salaam
141Issa MlawaSales OfficerDar es salaam
142Stella E. Moye,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
143Alexander JohnSales OfficerDar es salaam
144Lucy Martin NashokigwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
145Twaibu TwahaSales OfficerDar es salaam
146Luciana KayandaSales OfficerDar es salaam
147Kelvin BurikilaSales OfficerDar es salaam
148Said Mohamed KisingaSales OfficerDar es salaam
149Rugonzibwa TheodorySales OfficerDar es salaam
150Zawadi R. MakameSales OfficerDar es salaam
151Mwanafuraha JumaSales OfficerDar es salaam
152Josephina Uswege MwamasageSales OfficerDar es salaam
153Hyson Bachinon AndersonSales OfficerDar es salaam
154Joseph SechaSales OfficerDar es salaam
155William Zakaria PhilipoSales OfficerDar es salaam
156Kidson Erick NdunguruSales OfficerDar es salaam
157Ahmed AliSales OfficerDar es salaam
158Marwa MwitaSales OfficerDar es salaam
159Hassan MohamedSales OfficerDar es salaam
160Kurusumu RamadhaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
161Mbanga M. MaigeSales OfficerDar es salaam
162Yussuf MwalimuSales OfficerDar es salaam
163Ritta JascksonSales OfficerDar es salaam
164Vinsent ShirimaSales OfficerDar es salaam
165Thomas ShemburuSales OfficerDar es salaam
166Khatibu SelemaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
167Suleiman Khamis SalumSales OfficerDar es salaam
168Hifadhi Said BakariSales OfficerDar es salaam
169Denis MahundoSales OfficerDar es salaam
170Ezekieli MwasamilaSales OfficerDar es salaam
171AmadeusangapondaSales OfficerDar es salaam
172Jumaathumani MhandoSales OfficerDar es salaam
173Danielamon,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
174Mwesigwa LucasSales OfficerDar es salaam
175Jeremiah David TheophilSales OfficerDar es salaam
176Geofrey Jimmy MwakajumbaSales OfficerDar es salaam
177Judith SaibullSales OfficerDar es salaam
178Iddy NasorSales OfficerDar es salaam
179Ssah Alli KissoySales OfficerDar es salaam
180Maryam Ali SaidSales OfficerDar es salaam
181Sudi Salum KondoSales OfficerDar es salaam
182Tatu Mohamed JumaSales OfficerDar es salaam
183Tagi BeatriceSales OfficerDar es salaam
184Enock Emmanuel EmmanuelSales OfficerDar es salaam
185Emanuel BilaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
186Mathias Peter WariobaSales OfficerDar es salaam
187Ally Adam ZowangeSales OfficerDar es salaam
188Farhat Juma SuleimanSales OfficerDar es salaam
189Nuswaiba HashimSales OfficerDar es salaam
190Aziza Kassim HassanSales OfficerDar es salaam
191Idrisa SudiSales OfficerDar es salaam
192Vicent ChakumbaSales OfficerDar es salaam
193Kombo Hassan OmarySales OfficerDar es salaam
194Christina Morice LwenaSales OfficerDar es salaam
195Mohammed Ramadhaan MogwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
196Hussein HamadSales OfficerDar es salaam
197Leah Isack JosephSales OfficerDar es salaam
198Asha Haroub ShaibSales OfficerDar es salaam
199James MsomaSales OfficerDar es salaam
200Liberatus Michael SakoeSales OfficerDar es salaam
201Khadija Ali JumaSales OfficerDar es salaam
202Neema Asubisye KamenduSales OfficerDar es salaam
203Gwakisa Nathaniel JimuSales OfficerDar es salaam
204Salimu Iddi SalimuSales OfficerDar es salaam
205Emmanuel ErickSales OfficerDar es salaam
206Said Shaban MbugiSales OfficerDar es salaam
207Meshack OctavianSales OfficerDar es salaam
208Beatrice Bruno SangwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
209Adelaida Emmanuel MilanoSales OfficerDar es salaam
210Ahmed Issa AliSales OfficerDar es salaam
211Abraham P. KimaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
212Rajabu Ramadhani SanziSales OfficerDar es salaam
213Japheth Mdanku FrancesSales OfficerDar es salaam
214Eliaita MwashaSales OfficerDar es salaam
215Johnson George ChedielSales OfficerDar es salaam
216Ismail Shaaban MsangiSales OfficerDar es salaam
217Robert MbwanaSales OfficerDar es salaam
218Agape Aloyce MaranduSales OfficerDar es salaam
219Murtala Hamza SiwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
220Mohamedi Bakari MohamedSales OfficerDar es salaam
221Charles MwaipajaSales OfficerDar es salaam
222Vivina Rocky BenoSales OfficerDar es salaam
223Gustav Christopher MpunzaSales OfficerDar es salaam
224Lucy John GhatySales OfficerDar es salaam
225Pascal Njera JosephSales OfficerDar es salaam
226Meshack OctavianSales OfficerDar es salaam
227Masoud Shaali AmeSales OfficerDar es salaam
228Baraka CharlesSales OfficerDar es salaam
229Arif Ahmed NassoroSales OfficerDar es salaam
230Neema J. MollelSales OfficerDar es salaam
231Rashidi SaidSales OfficerDar es salaam
232Issa Abdullah Ali                                                         Sales OfficerDar es salaam
233Omary Ibrahim OmarySales OfficerDar es salaam
234Emmanuel FabianSales OfficerDar es salaam
235Salma Bakari AliSales OfficerDar es salaam
236Kikoba K. JosephSales OfficerDar es salaam
237Fatma Saleh KhamisSales OfficerDar es salaam
238Wilhad K. RogasianSales OfficerDar es salaam
239Saleh Muhidin RamadhanSales OfficerDar es salaam
240Albert Frances MsackSales OfficerDar es salaam
241Nadhra Alley KhamisSales OfficerDar es salaam
242Flora Robert MayalaSales OfficerDar es salaam
243Hamza ShembarukuSales OfficerDar es salaam
244Abrahaman KinyamagohaSales OfficerDar es salaam
245Godfrey NathanSales OfficerDar es salaam
246Boniface Ainea KishimboSales OfficerDar es salaam
247Lysbert MoragwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
248Godfrey Thadei MushiSales OfficerDar es salaam
249Abubakar Issa KimbondileSales OfficerDar es salaam
250David AlfeoSales OfficerDar es salaam
251Edwin Modest KimaroSales OfficerDar es salaam
252Suleiman Seif SuleimanSales OfficerDar es salaam
253Erick Raphael BagoSales OfficerDar es salaam
254Mwanakombo Mwalimu AmeSales OfficerDar es salaam
255Hilmia Mohammed NassorSales OfficerDar es salaam
256Fauzia Ibrahim KitanoSales OfficerDar es salaam
257Mwanaidi Saidi HamadiSales OfficerDar es salaam
258John Anthony SangaSales OfficerDar es salaam
259Rehema Juma RamadhaniSales OfficerDar es salaam
260Yussuf Hamid UbwaSales OfficerDar es salaam
261Ali Shaib JumaSales OfficerDar es salaam
262Christopher ErickSales OfficerDar es salaam
263Hafidhi Mrisho Jumaa,Sales OfficerDar es salaam
264Emidius Johansen KaijageSales OfficerDar es salaam
265Ibrahim Khamis AmeSales OfficerDar es salaam
266Ahmed Said HafidhSales OfficerDar es salaam
267Thuwayba Ali KhamisSales OfficerDar es salaam
268Haruna Omary KidwangaSales OfficerDar es salaam
269Arif Ahmed NassoroSales OfficerDar es salaam
270Ryoba NyamongeSales OfficerDar es salaam
271Christine Costantine AssengaSales OfficerDar es salaam
272Luciana KayandaSales OfficerDar es salaam
273Glorianisia BartholomeoSales OfficerDar es salaam
274Lucia Eustad LindaSales OfficerDar es salaam
275Mary Julius KasonsoSales OfficerDar es salaam
276Shigilu PogomaSales OfficerDar es salaam
277Bundala SamweliSales OfficerDar es salaam
278Yasin MsafiriSales OfficerDar es salaam
279Abdulrahim M. KatakwebaSales OfficerDar es salaam
280MagdalenacheomimakawaSales OfficerDar es salaam
281Queen BakinikanaSales OfficerDar es salaam
282Nasri NassorSales OfficerDar es salaam
283Vicent K. LuhendeSales OfficerDar es salaam
284Mariam Hamad JumaSales OfficerDar es salaam
285Ramadhan S MkunguSales OfficerDar es salaam


1Naomi MelckiadRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
2Ishaka Haji KmomboRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
3Twalib MpenduRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
4Naomi MelckiadRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
5Elihude Samwel MolledRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
6Joseph Ladromm MushiRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
7Said Amiri SaidRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
8Asha Mgen JumaRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
9Hussein Ramadhan HussenRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
10Abubakar Issa KimbondileRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
11Peter Aidan NdaluRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
12Fahad Ghalili KimaroRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
13Nelson Emmanuel Stanley,Re-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
14Ally Adam ZowangeRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
15Saada H. HajiRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
16Ally Adam ZowangeRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
17Abdul Seleman SijaonaRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
18Robert Mnzava Re-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
19Haruna Omary KidwangaRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
20Sabina Peter SaokeRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
21Zakaria Issadin SwaleheRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
22Anna MakoyoRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
23Christopher ErickRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
24Julius Ibula NelsonRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
25Patrick Richard ShayoRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
26Frank EdisonRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
27Hafidhi Mrisho JumaaRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
28Kelvin R. MzindakayaRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar
29Ibrahimu Yusuph AbdullahRe-Insurance Officer.Zanzibar


1Nuriya A. AmeirClaim OfficerZanzibar
2Farhat Suleiman OmarClaim OfficerZanzibar
3Nyanda Msafiri SololokaClaim OfficerZanzibar
4Hermina Ndunguru JosephClaim OfficerZanzibar
5Abdillah Khalid BakarClaim OfficerZanzibar
6Amani LyyimoClaim OfficerZanzibar
7Said Mibaraka AthumanClaim OfficerZanzibar
8Debora Thomas BiyaClaim OfficerZanzibar
9Nelson GodsonClaim OfficerZanzibar
10Zakaria Issadin SwaleheClaim OfficerZanzibar
11Anneth B Lyatuu Claim OfficerZanzibar
12Haidar Vuai HajiClaim OfficerZanzibar
13Zena Nyamdogwa,Claim OfficerZanzibar
14Erick George ShijaClaim OfficerZanzibar
15Zawadi A. MwambunguClaim OfficerZanzibar
16Ismail MsangiClaim OfficerZanzibar
17Ghania Khalfan SalimClaim OfficerZanzibar
18Yussuf ZahoroClaim OfficerZanzibar
19Zaituni Juma AthumanClaim OfficerZanzibar
20Hafidhu Saidi AhamadiClaim OfficerZanzibar
21Joel MpangalaClaim OfficerZanzibar
22Sigungu PatriceClaim OfficerZanzibar
23Patrick Richard ShayoClaim OfficerZanzibar
24Kashinje H. NdonyaClaim OfficerZanzibar
25Emmanuel Paschal NyakimuraClaim OfficerZanzibar
26Lailat Masoud FadhilClaim OfficerZanzibar
27Lailat Masoud FadhilClaim OfficerZanzibar
28Frank EdisonClaim OfficerZanzibar
29Peter Francis MahimboClaim OfficerZanzibar
30Baraka Amos Alex.Claim OfficerZanzibar
31Jeylan RashidiClaim OfficerZanzibar
32Marco NnkoClaim OfficerZanzibar
33Magdalena Ephraim MtengaClaim OfficerZanzibar
34Walter Pendael UriohClaim OfficerZanzibar
35Ronaldo Sizya GamaClaim OfficerZanzibar
36Lucas Restone MwamangaClaim OfficerZanzibar
37Richard Frances MashelClaim OfficerZanzibar
37MwaipunguJacksonClaim OfficerZanzibar


1Khamis Amour MzeeProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
2Juma Sleiman JumaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
3 Felista Didas StanslausProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
4Tatu Said MhandoProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
5Furaha Nickson NzundaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
6Fatma Hamid RamadhanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
7Rukia Mbarouk JumaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
8Raya Khamis BakariProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
9Nabir NuruProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
10Seif Festo SeifProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
11Nujaimah M. KhamisProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
12Ahmed Issa AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
13Daud Bosco HyeraProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
14Salha Omar HajiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
15Charles MwaipajaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
16Baddy MwidoweProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
17Gabriel R. FaustineProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
18Rahma Lada Is-HakaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
19Gustav Christopher MpunzaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
20Gideon Paul MwendoProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
21Athman Hamad BindeProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
22Kikoba K. JosephProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
23Saleh Muhidin RamadhanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
24Jacquiline C. MagereProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
25Isaack A. KabogoProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
26David Maro   Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
27Lysbert MoragwaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
28Fridolin MpizaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
29John Anthony SangaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
30Sanura Ameir KhamisProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
31Felix Melchior KaigaluraProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
32MwanafurahajumaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
33Juma Hamad HamadProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
34Abdillah Haji HassanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
35Eline WilbardProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
36Nujaimah MohdProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
37Mussa Omar MasoudProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
38Lfadhili Oscar NkwamaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
39Benson   Rweyemamu.Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
40Michael Burton AmbangileProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
41Rahma Rashid MakameProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
42Khayrat Ali MasoudProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
43AbubakarhamadharounProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
44Khairat Makame Issa,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
45Abdalla Khamis MtumwaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
46Alihassanhamad,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
47Seif Hamad Suleiman,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
48Martina Mwailus,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
49Paul MzoroProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
50Robert HamisiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
51Samweli ChristopherProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
52Hamida Ali MakameProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
53Suleiman Abdulla Suleiman.Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
54Rukia Mohamed YusufProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
55Moh’d Khalef AbdallaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
56Sumaya Yahya AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
57Khalidi Hamad Ally,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
58Fatma Vuaa MuhidiniProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
59Rauhiya Bushir HassanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
60Mathayo MussaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
61Salumj M. AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
62Calvin UrassaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
63Said Haji KhatorProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
64Salum Makame AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
65Laila Said MohdProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
66Nassor Ali HajiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
67Hasna Janu HassanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
68Diana Pokea NyondoProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
69Mwadini Kombo MwadiniProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
70Frank Charles RwebugisaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
71Juma Suleiman JumaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
72Juma Suleiman JumaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
73Sabrina Khamis MakameProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
74Kelvin SengeleProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
75Saleh Muhidin RamadhanProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
76Sumaiya Yahya AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
77Nuera Khamis UssiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
78Salha Juma UssiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
79Ilham Maulid Hassan,Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
80Joel Joachim MakundiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
81Zahra Mussa MuhammedProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
82Yusra Khalfan KassimProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
83Sulhiya Makame MwadiniProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
84Zainab Haji BakariProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
85Zawadi George ChedielProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
86Ali Said AliProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
87Dickson Raphael LumumbaProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
88Omar Said AlawiProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
89Ananias Kakwezi Product Innovation OfficerZanzibar
90Denis Ernest ShayoProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar
91Juma Ali KomboProduct Innovation OfficerZanzibar

UNDERWRITER – Mwanza – Arusha – Zanzibar – Pemba

1Anna Yustin MsakyUnderwriterArusha
2Suzana Alex BunyaraUnderwriterArusha
3Godfrey Gadi MwendaUnderwriterArusha
4George RichardUnderwriterArusha
5Alfrida KidabuloUnderwriterArusha
6Abasi Haji AliUnderwriterArusha
7Jackson Boniface MkwasaUnderwriterArusha
8Jackson Boniface MkwasaUnderwriterArusha
9Paul Anthony NjalayaoUnderwriterArusha
10Jige Omary SalumUnderwriterArusha
11Joyce Geofrey FrancisUnderwriterArusha
12Fadhila Kishoe GovinUnderwriterArusha
13Jige OmarysalumUnderwriterArusha
14Yusuph Ngangaji,UnderwriterArusha
15Sarah Daniel CharoUnderwriterArusha
16Fadhil Omary HassanUnderwriterArusha
17Evans Barongo MwijageUnderwriterArusha
18Hussein MbwanaUnderwriterArusha
19Rosemary S. Peter,UnderwriterArusha
20Flavian Swal ReginaldUnderwriterArusha
21Innocent W. Mollely,UnderwriterArusha
22Tegemea JacksonUnderwriterArusha
23Agness Kitila MzirayUnderwriterArusha
24Walter G. MputaUnderwriterArusha
25Said Rajab MsomaUnderwriterArusha
26Dismas Eusebi Munishi,UnderwriterArusha
27Semeni J AmiriUnderwriterArusha
28Mikidadi Charles SimkokUnderwriterArusha
29Leah-Nkeni KashindyeUnderwriterArusha
30Adriano M. MazikuUnderwriterArusha
31Charles James OdondoUnderwriterArusha
32Kelvin R. MzindakayaUnderwriterArusha
33Abeid Rajab Abeid       UnderwriterArusha
34Shani Khamis AmiryUnderwriterArusha
35Hafsa Salim HajiUnderwriterArusha
36Jacqueline Rogers MwendoUnderwriterArusha
37Amos BenjaminUnderwriterArusha
38Khalidi Abdalla ChasambaUnderwriterArusha
39Jesse Julius MpingaUnderwriterArusha
40Jesse Julius MpingaUnderwriterArusha
41Samwel BundalaUnderwriterArusha
42Robert MartinUnderwriterArusha
43Kaporo KhalifaUnderwriterArusha
44Mwalimu AthumaniUnderwriterArusha
45Winner January MhagamaUnderwriterArusha
46Mohamed ZeggeUnderwriterArusha
47Mohamed ZeggeUnderwriterArusha
48Chrispina Christian NtangaUnderwriterArusha
49Mushi, Maximillan, AnethUnderwriterArusha
50Jullet Joackim McheleUnderwriterArusha
51Habiba Saleh MassoudUnderwriterMwanza
52Abdul Emmanuel DamianoUnderwriterMwanza
53Mohamedi Omari KassimuUnderwriterMwanza
54Milcah Donald KahemaUnderwriterMwanza
55Fortunata Wilson MarungiUnderwriterMwanza
56Joseline Wilson NgambekiUnderwriterMwanza
57Joseph Ladrom MushiUnderwriterMwanza
58Bakari Mwajiri KitabuUnderwriterMwanza
59Rashid Mussa Is-Haka,UnderwriterMwanza
60Pius Masatu MakesaUnderwriterMwanza
61Beatrice MambetaUnderwriterMwanza
62Jackson MtatiroUnderwriterMwanza
63Baraka Ande DenisUnderwriterMwanza
64Nyanda Msafiri SololokaUnderwriterMwanza
65Jesca E MakereUnderwriterMwanza
66Honest Leonard MsackyUnderwriterMwanza
67Fadhili S. JumaUnderwriterMwanza
68Jesse Julius MpingaUnderwriterMwanza
69Irene Mathew Lyimo.UnderwriterMwanza
70Manfred S. GamaUnderwriterMwanza
71Haifa Abdulaziz DaudUnderwriterMwanza
72Naomi Ishumael KivuyoUnderwriterMwanza
73Bunuma Steven NgalabaUnderwriterMwanza
74Witness Richard SoiUnderwriterMwanza
75Rehema Rahib MsuyaUnderwriterMwanza
76Shabani Khalfani BamilekiUnderwriterMwanza
77Jumanne S ChemiUnderwriterMwanza
78Iddi Abasi SanzeUnderwriterMwanza
79Mariam MohamedUnderwriterMwanza
80Jackson Joseph MahomelaUnderwriterMwanza
81Kalenje Kassim KalenjeUnderwriterMwanza
82Khadija Omary IsmailiUnderwriterMwanza
83Magreth Orest KibulaUnderwriterMwanza
84Farida Idelphoonce KatulaUnderwriterMwanza
85Abdulkarim Abdilah ChilingaUnderwriterMwanza
86Omar Shaaban RajabUnderwriterMwanza
87Faraji Kassim MasoudUnderwriterMwanza
88Mundhir Mohamed SaidUnderwriterPemba
89Ali Omar KhamisUnderwriterPemba
90Masoud Omar HamadUnderwriterPemba
91Abdalla Mmanga KhamisUnderwriterPemba
92Masoud Zahor HemedUnderwriterPemba
93Ismail Ali HabibUnderwriterPemba
94Said H. SalimUnderwriterPemba
95Peter Aidan NdaluUnderwriterZanzibar
96Lailat Tahir AliUnderwriterZanzibar
97Ishaka Haji KomboUnderwriterZanzibar
98Arthur KamashoUnderwriterZanzibar
99Amina Ahmadi HajiUnderwriterZanzibar
100Mariam Nassor Seif     UnderwriterZanzibar
101Mwajabu Suleiman JumaUnderwriterZanzibar
102Anselm TagalileUnderwriterZanzibar
103Husna Amiri MohamedUnderwriterZanzibar
104Mwanakombo K. AmeirUnderwriterZanzibar
105Salum Saleh SalumUnderwriterZanzibar
106Khairat Abdulla MuadhinUnderwriterZanzibar
107Thuwaiba A. NassorUnderwriterZanzibar
108Dahathy Mussa LissuUnderwriterZanzibar
109Halima Ahmada MahmoudUnderwriterZanzibar
110Aisha Waziri MohamedUnderwriterZanzibar
111Haruna Omary KidwangaUnderwriterZanzibar
112Baiya Muhadhara HajiUnderwriterZanzibar
113Baiya HajiUnderwriterZanzibar
114Sabrina Shaaban HuseinUnderwriterZanzibar
115Azizi Ahmada BushirUnderwriterZanzibar
116Anna Sylvester RushokanaUnderwriterNot Mention
117Ally Muhamedy MchengwaUnderwriterNot Mention
118Aisha NassorUnderwriterNot Mention
119ElizabethharrisonmandariUnderwriterNot Mention
120Lucia A MngaraUnderwriterNot Mention
121Amri YangeUnderwriterNot Mention
122Abraham.E. AmiriUnderwriterNot Mention
123Lucy J. SungaUnderwriterNot Mention
124Eliminata Zeno NdakidemiUnderwriterNot Mention
125Ibrahimu Yusuph AbdullahUnderwriterNot Mention
126Iddi Abasi SanzeUnderwriterNot Mention
127Erick V. HatiaUnderwriterNot Mention
128Lightness MghaseUnderwriterNot Mention
129Amos Daresto SangaUnderwriterNot Mention
130Dorice William Pallangyo,UnderwriterNot Mention
131Anna MakoyoUnderwriterNot Mention
132Christopher ErickUnderwriterNot Mention
133Chester SwillaUnderwriterNot Mention
134Amina K MbikuUnderwriterNot Mention
135George S. Munga      UnderwriterNot Mention
136William T WilliamUnderwriterNot Mention
137Joan Bryson TerryUnderwriterNot Mention
138Perpetua Bilda MollelUnderwriterNot Mention
139Jeylan RashidiUnderwriterNot Mention
140Perpetua Bilda MollelUnderwriterNot Mention
141Dorice William Pallangyo,UnderwriterNot Mention
142Selemani Mussa KomboUnderwriterNot Mention
143Brigitha B DottoUnderwriterNot Mention
144Anagreta George WamburaUnderwriterNot Mention
145Mohamed Omar KassimUnderwriterNot Mention
146Sabina Peter SaokeUnderwriterNot Mention
147Juliana MoshyUnderwriterNot Mention
148Nyangi Jackson Msaro,UnderwriterNot Mention
149Gladys StevenUnderwriterNot Mention
150Grace SaluUnderwriterNot Mention
151Twalib R. MpenduUnderwriterNot Mention
152Gildas RwizaUnderwriterNot Mention
153Lucia John UnderwriterNot Mention
154Adila S. JamalUnderwriterNot Mention
155Emmy Joseph MatefaliUnderwriterNot Mention
156Liberatus BisheshiUnderwriterNot Mention
157Richard Frances MashelUnderwriterNot Mention
158Neema A. KimbengereUnderwriterNot Mention
159Faki Juma FakiUnderwriterNot Mention
160Nelson L. KikudeUnderwriterNot Mention
161Aloyce C. MushiUnderwriterNot Mention
162Leilah Athuman KivatiroUnderwriterNot Mention
163Ramadhani. A. MohamedUnderwriterNot Mention
164Ramadhani AbdallahUnderwriterNot Mention
165Maryjane Deogratius MihamboUnderwriterNot Mention
166Abubakar Issa KimbondileUnderwriterNot Mention
167Boniface Ainea KishimboUnderwriterNot Mention
168Angelista Amede KimarioUnderwriterNot Mention
169Yusuph Nassoro ZahoroUnderwriterNot Mention
170Emmanuel PaschalUnderwriterNot Mention
171Jasmini Janahani LugomeUnderwriterNot Mention
172Habiba Saleh MassoudUnderwriterNot Mention
173Frank EdisonUnderwriterNot Mention
174Azizi BushirUnderwriterNot Mention
175Emil Sita Ezekiel,UnderwriterNot Mention
176Omary H. KitenjeUnderwriterNot Mention
177Bright Orest LowokeloUnderwriterNot Mention
178Jige Omary SalumUnderwriterNot Mention
179Victor Byarugaba BaituUnderwriterNot Mention
180Ally Burhani OmaryUnderwriterNot Mention
181Said Ally LwandaUnderwriterNot Mention
182Patrick Richard ShayoUnderwriterNot Mention
183Ismail Ali HabibuUnderwriterNot Mention
184Mariam Hemed HalifaUnderwriterNot Mention
185Edwin ValentineUnderwriterNot Mention
186Fides Ewald MoshaUnderwriterNot Mention
187Mohamed H HijaUnderwriterNot Mention
188 Kevin William NgandaUnderwriterNot Mention
189Joseph ChambaUnderwriterNot Mention
190Alex JulianUnderwriterNot Mention
191Daud MkumbaUnderwriterNot Mention
192Furaha Arabia KipenyaUnderwriterNot Mention
193Nuhu H JabuUnderwriterNot Mention
194Witness Richard SoiUnderwriterNot Mention
195Bunuma Steven NgalabaUnderwriterNot Mention
196Naomi Ishumael KivuyoUnderwriterNot Mention
197John Isaya MluhuUnderwriterNot Mention
198Zaina Godfrey MtamboUnderwriterNot Mention
199Godfrey Moshi EmilyUnderwriterNot Mention
200Caroline MaseleUnderwriterNot Mention
201Lucy Beda SokaUnderwriterNot Mention
202Salum Saleh SalumUnderwriterNot Mention
203Shabani BamilekiUnderwriterNot Mention
204Samwel Samwel SimonUnderwriterNot Mention
205Allex JulianUnderwriterNot Mention
206Nicholaus SenyagwaUnderwriterNot Mention
207Frank ShauriUnderwriterNot Mention
208Catherine TeriUnderwriterNot Mention
209Jabiri H CheeUnderwriterNot Mention
210Julieth Gordian SichaleUnderwriterNot Mention
211Irene Ernest MaranduUnderwriterNot Mention
212Catherine Emilio KalingaUnderwriterNot Mention
213Jackson MwaipunguUnderwriterNot Mention
214Nelson LyimoUnderwriterNot Mention
215Amina Yusuph Moshy.UnderwriterNot Mention
216Emmanuel Hangwa Pagati,UnderwriterNot Mention
217Naomi MwamwasoUnderwriterNot Mention
218George RichardUnderwriterNot Mention
219Naomi AbrahmanUnderwriterNot Mention
220Hafidhi Mrisho Jumaa,UnderwriterNot Mention
221Gineth GoodluckUnderwriterNot Mention
222Brigita B DottoUnderwriterNot Mention
223Antidius AugustineUnderwriterNot Mention
224Baraka Amos AlexUnderwriterNot Mention
225Monica John KessyUnderwriterNot Mention