The activities of ZIC can be broadly defined as to transact the business off a Insurance and Reinsurance of various kinds and classes.


Cover Insurance legal liability in respect of bodily injury or death to Third Parties (with certain exceptions) arising out of the use of vehicles on Public road.



The motor covers provided includes:-

Comprehensive - It covers death or bodily injury to third party and property damage to third party. It covers accidentally own damage, theft and burning of the vehicle.

Third Party only - It covers death or bodily injury



We offer two types of covers:

Fire Standard Policy

Covers the perils of the fire even if it is not originated from the Insured premises. It can be extended to covers special Peril, riot, civil commotion, earth quake etc.

Domestic Package policy

Special tariff for house holders and House owners on various fire and domestic risks. It provided cover for the building contents, all risks. Workmen etc.



Mainly for business premises, Offices, Shopd Stores Godown etc.The cause of loss can be burglary or house breaking.

Properties covered: Stock in trade, goodsheld for trust furniture fixture and fittings etc.



Divided into three Groups:

•  Hull Insurance: Insurance of ship/Hull &Machinery and smaller vessel like bargers,craft,linghter etc,

•  Cargos Insurance:

•  Insurance of goods or merchandise imported or exported from one country to another, goods in transit etc.

•  Goods in Transit by rail road or air conveyances.

•  Goods carried by lakes steamers of inland water ways or country crafts.

•  Freight: Sum paid from transporting goods e.g. Bill loading freight.

•  Aviation: Damage to aircraft liabilities to passengers on third party or crews



This class of insurance provided cover for liability at law if an employees in an Insured service shall sustain bodily injury or death arising out of and in the course of his employment by the insured in the business.



The cover provides under this class of insurance is the accident causing death or bodily injury. It is the 24 hours cover. This insurance provided the following benefits.
• Death
• Disability benefits and medical reimbursement



It provided cover for losses or damage occurring to the property insured on site during the period of insurance such losses may due to the following causes:-

•  Fire lighting, explosion crashing of aerial devises.

•  Flood rain, wind storm earthquake,landslide,rockslide,theft burglary

•  Negligence, malicious acts



It covers unforeseen sudden and physical loss or damage to the insured items, such as or damage to the following:-

•  Faulty design this hardly ever discovered before a breakdown

•  Faulty material although with modern material testing techniques it has been revealed number of losses are small by faulty materials

•  Physical explosion, bursting of water tubes or industrial boilers or damage due to vacuum

•  Foreign objects, tools keys, pieces of cloth etc.



It is essential an accident insurance on risks basis for an electronic equipment e.g. computers

Majority of losses are due to the following:-

•  Fire, Lighting explosion

•  Short circuit and humidity

•  Burglary and theft.



This insurance indemnify insured against liability devolving on him for the injury to the person or by reason or of negligent act, error or omission by the insured.



Insurance is granted against liability to pay compensation to the employee who sustains accidental injuries in the course of employment



It covers loss damage or destruction which is due to any case including fire anywhere within the territorial limits. Covers granted in respect of Jewelers, work of art, cameras, spectacles, contact lens, music equipment, ear rings.


For all your Insurance needs please contact Zanzibar Insurance Corporation through our Head office in Zanzibar , Branch offices and our Agents. .


    Its is a strategy for our Corporation to settle all genuine claims adequately


  • •  In case of accident please report to your nearest office either verbal or in writing within 7 days .For those who talk the cover through Agents and Brokers they can communicate with this middlemen for assistance of claim process.

    •  The following documents are very important in accomplishing claim process.


    •  Police Notification (PF.90), (PF115),(PF.3)

    •  Vehicle Inspection Report.

    •  Cover note and payment receipt

    •  Copy of judgement,charge sheet

    •  Estimates of maintenance of your vehicle

    •  Information from Doctor

    •  Driving License

    •  Assessment from Motor Assessor

    •  Claim forum


    For all your Insurance needs please contact Zanzibar Insurance Corporation through our Head office in Zanzibar , Branch offices and our Agents.